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Basic Yellow 28

Name:C.I.Basic Yellow 28,C.I.48054

Molecular Structure: Azomethine Class


Molecular Formula:C21H27N3O5S

Molecular Weight: 433.52

CAS Registry Number:54060-92-3

Manufacturing Methods : Amino benjia ether diazo, rest with Fischer ‘s base, then I will be with dimethyl sulfate methylation.

Properties and Applications: red light yellow. Yellow powder, soluble in water. The strong sulfuric acid in orange, diluted into yellow. Dye with sodium hydroxide solution to colorless. In 120 ℃ dyeing, colour and lustre is unchanged. Mainly used in acrylic fiber, scattered article fiber dyeing, can be used for direct printing acrylic and silk, also can be used for modification polyester fiber, acetate fiber and PVC fiber dyeing.

Standard Light Fastness Persperation Fastness Ironing Fastness Soaping
Fading Stain Fading Stain Fading Stain
ISO 7 5       5 5


Catonic Yellow SD-GL,Catonic Yellow GL,Catonic Yellow X-GL,Catonic Yellow XL-GL,Catonic Yellow X-5GL