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High-Performance Dye Ink

High Performance Dye Inkjet
7 colors
Used for Piezo Desktop Printers and Plotters

In order to attain superior quality Inkjet Color Graphics performance and improved longevity to meet the digital photographer’s need, we have newly developed a special series of Inkjet: HPD (High Performance Dye) Inkjet. HPD Inkjet may be used on both Piezo and Bubble-Jet printer heads.

We have carefully selected dye materials with very high purity and chemical/physical resistance to formulate the HPD-IC32 series. The HPD-IC32 inkjet series depict superior light fastness and brilliancy when compared to the universal dye inkjet standards and demonstrates high performance on both Desktop and Plotter printers.

Further advances include the development of the Titanium HPD series, containing Titanium complex salt in order to optimize color longevity on a variety of paper mediums.

Advantages of HPD Inkjets

With almost equal longevity to the conventional pigment inkjet, the HPD series is found to be superior to the conventional dye and pigment inkjets in the following areas.

Superior color profile
Superior line and edge quality (sharpness)
Greater character hue and color saturation
Better brilliancy
Better longevity
Non-clogging / non-crusting
Smoothness of ink flow
Non-toxic and non-corrosive
Compatibility to original inks