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Jet-Mate Basic Dyes Liquid

Name of Dyes

Product Code

JET-MATE® Yellow 110-L 031110LA
JET-MATE® Yellow 120-L 031120LA
JET-MATE® Yellow 130-L
JET-MATE® Yellow 146-L 031146LA
JET-MATE® Yellow 150-L 031150LA
JET-MATE® Orange 230-L 032230LA
JET-MATE® Orange 254-L 032254LA
JET-MATE® Red 360-L 033360LA
JET-MATE® Red 361-L 033361LA
JET-MATE® Red 362-L 033362LA
JET-MATE® Red 504-L 034504LA
JET-MATE® Red 505-L 034505LA
JET-MATE® Violet 600-L 034600LA
JET-MATE® Violet 601-L 034601LA
JET-MATE® Violet 602-L 034602LA
JET-MATE® Blue 630-L 035630LA
JET-MATE® Blue 636-L 035636LA
JET-MATE® Blue 640-L 035640LA
JET-MATE® Green 830-L 036830LA
JET-MATE® Brown 408-L 037408LA
JET-MATE® Brown 488-L 037488LA
JET-MATE® Brown  
JET-MATE® Black 980-L 038980LA