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Jet-Mate Stationery Ink


Highlighter ink  PH 6200 and DH 6100 Series:

The DH 6100 Series is a water-resistant nano-ink fluorescent dye that exhibits high brilliancy and good light-fastness. The DH 6100 Series dye is compatible with a variety of special paper surfaces and maintains excellent brilliancy on fax paper.


Whiteboard marker ink WB 3100 series:

Whiteboard marker ink is an alcohol-based pigmented ink and is easily erasable from any whiteboard surface. The WB 3100 Series is water-resistant and has excellent light fastness. Cap-off time lasts up to 4 hours.


Fluorescent marker ink FM 3600 series:

The FM 3600 Series is an aqueous-based fluorescent organic pigment dispersion group of marker inks. It is suitable for a variety of smooth surfaces, specifically LED writing boards. Diverse ranges of colours are observed under different sources of light, and the ink can be easily cleared off the surface with a soft towel.


Permanent marker ink PM 1100 series:

The PM 1100 Series is a quick-drying alcohol-based system of inks with excellent adhesion on most smooth surfaces. The PM 1100 Series marker ink is widely used in office, transport and teaching environments.  Cap-off time lasts up to several days.


Doodle ink DO 8300 series:

The Doodle Ink DO 8300 Series of marker inks feature classic and bright colors specifically designed for children’s markers or “Young Doodlers”. It is formulated to wash easily from both skin and  clothing after one or two days.


Washable ink WM 8500 series:

The water-based WM 8500 marker series can be easily washed from skin and most clothing materials. The series consists of non-toxic, premium watercolor art markers.


Aqueous magic ink CC 8100 series:

The CC8100 Magic Ink Series is water-soluble and widely used in office supplies and children’s markers. The magic ink series consists of bright basic colors and a one-time use erasing liquid.


Cover Magic Ink CM 8200 series:

The Cover Magic Ink CM 8200 Series for children’s markers are a collection  of “over” color and “under” color couples . The “over” can magically replace the “under” stain with a completely different color from the one beneath it. The “over” colors consist of brilliant highlighter inks, and the two classifications of marker colors cannot be mixed.