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Basic Yellow 2

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Basic Yellow 2

Name:C.I.Basic Yellow 2,C.I.41000

Molecular Structure: Diphenyl methane Class

C.I.Basic Yellow 2,C.I.41000,CAS 2465-27-2,303.83,C17H22ClN3,Basic Yellow O,monohydrochloride (8CI),Auramine hydrochloride,1,1-bis(p-dimethylaminophenyl)methylenimine hydrochloride,4,4'-bis(dimethylamino)benzhydrylidenimine hydrochloride,4:4'-bis(dimethylamino)benzophenone-imine hydrochloride,4,4'-(Imidocarbonyl)bis(N,N-dimethylaniline) monohydrochloride,adc auramine o,aizen auramine,aizen auramine oh,auramine 0-100,Auramine O, biological stain,auramine a1,auramine chloride,auramine fa,auramine fwa,auramine ii,auramine lake yellow o,auramine n,Auramine O,auramine on,auramine oo,auramine ooo,auramine os,auramine sp,auramine yellow,calcozine yellow ox,Canary Yellow,mitsui auramine o,Pyoctanunum aureum,Pyoktanin Yellow,Basic Flavine O,C.I.Basic Yellow 2,4,4'-carbonimidoylbis(N,N-dimethylaniline) hydrochloride (1:1)

C.I.Basic Yellow 2,C.I.41000,CAS 2465-27-2,303.83,C17H22ClN3,Basic Yellow O

Molecular Formula:C17H22ClN3

Molecular Weight: 303.83

CAS Registry Number:2465-27-2

Manufacturing Methods :(a) will be dissolved in 4, 4 ‘sulfur-two (2) amino) 2 benzene methane, join ammonium chloride and sodium chloride, ammonia gas flow in in 175 ℃ heat the mixture, with hot water extraction dye, again salting-out (GP 53614);

(b) four methyl ketone and ammonium chloride and zinc micro-sphere in 15 (50-160 ℃ heating hot (GP 29060).

Properties and Applications: yellow. Soluble in cold water, soluble in hot water for bright yellow, in boiling water can decompose, soluble in ethanol for yellow. The strong sulfuric acid in colorless, diluted into light yellow. Add hydrochloric acid in aqueous solution into deep yellow, heated to a boiling is colorless; Sodium hydroxide solution to generate white precipitation. Silk fiber in a bright yellow, in a red under tengsten lamp. Used for silk, acrylic, tannin mordant dyeing cotton dyeing, also can be used for leather, paper, hemp and glue directly printing and dyeing, the discharge printing. Can also be used in oil and fat, paint color, also can be used in the preparation of color which used in ink.

Standard( Silk ) Light Fastness Persperation Fastness Ironing Fastness Soaping
Fading Stain Fading Stain Fading Stain
C 1 2 1 3-4 1 3

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